Young and In Love

Maybe “I Do” Is Better Than “Just Don’t”

Developing a godly relationship can be hard when you fall in love at a young age.  Few people offer support.  Many doubt your love is real.  It seems almost everyone-your friends, your parents, even your church-thinks you’re much too young for marriage.  You’re not ready.  But maybe that’s not true.

Pastor Ted Cunningham reveals the secrets to creating a healthy, successful, and lifelong relationship in early adulthood.  He explains where the arguments against young marriage often go wrong.  Then he offers wisdom on how to know if you are making the right choice and helps you understand what it takes to be ready for marriage.  And along the way, he shows you that, far from kissing dating good-bye, the answer to staying pure might be to prepare for marriage.  Because it’s often easier to say, “Let’s wait,” when “I do” isn’t so far away.